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With custom-made and brand name frames, contact lens fitting, vision exam, repair service and eyeglass accessories, we are able to offer a unique one-stop destination for all your eyewear needs. 



We offer a large selection of fashionable eyewear available in various shapes, sizes and colours. We specialise in making custom-made glasses, so we will adjust the glasses to perfectly match your needs.

The options are limitless!

Contact Lenses

We'll make sure that your contact lenses fit both your eyes and lifestyle needs. Whether you're looking for daily, monthly, toric,

single-vision, or multi-focal contact lenses, we'll help you find the right pair.



From missing nose-pads to ill-fitting glasses, we've got you covered. We will replace that missing screw and re-fit your glasses to make sure your frames are in the best possible condition.


We have a diverse assortment of sunglasses to protect your eyes in style. We carry many tints and gradients available in different colours. You can also customize your frame and lens.


Vision Exam

Get a FREE vison exam with a purchase of eyeglasses. Our staff have over 40 years of experience and will ensure your vision is sharp and clear. Please note that we do not provide eye exams.



Shop from our large collection of eyewear and sunglass accessories including eyeglass cords, croakies, lens cleaning kits, hard and soft cases, and so much more! We also carry protective sports eyewear such as eye shields and goggles.

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