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DARKK Eyewear

Specifically designed for you

Your Vision. Your Design.

Can't seem to find the right pair of glasses that fit just right? Since 1995, our goal has been to help each of our customers to find their perfect pair of frames.


All of our custom-made glasses are measured and fitted to your face. We will help you to find the right frame size to accentuate your features and create your desired look.


How it works

You can choose any frame that you like and we can modify it to your style, fit and comfort. The options are limitless!


Choose Your

The frame material can transform the look and feel of your glasses.
We offer a number of different materials that you can choose from such as wood, beta titanium, carbon fiber, buffalo or sheep horn and acetate.

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Choose Your

We'll help you find the right frame shape to complement your style. 

Whether you are looking for thick rims that make a bold statement or oversized specs to get that 70's look, we'll bring your vision to life. 


Choose Your

We know that finding the ideal colour is one of the most important parts of choosing the right frame. From modest neutrals to dazzling patterns, we offer over 130 colours in stock. Why not mix & match? 


Choose Your

You can customize your glasses in different ways to construct a memorable look. We can add any kind of detail such as unique carvings, your preferred jewellery, and one-of-a-kind rivets to give your new frames a unique allure. 

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