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Travel in style. Anwhere. Anytime.

Whether you're going out for a business meeting or travelling to a tropical paradise, we have all your sunglass needs covered. We offer a wide selection of sunglasses and lenses to choose from: tints, gradients, solids, polarized, prescription... you name it, we have it! Our lenses have 100% UV filter, so you can be sure your eyes are protected as you're putting your most fashionable foot forward.


Polarized lenses have a special chemical filter to eliminate harsh glare from flat reflective surfaces. They are a must-have form of eye protection for those who spend time outdoors. Polarized lenses not only improve visibility, but also combat migraines by reducing eye strain when the sunlight is too intense.


One frame. Two looks.

Don't want to part with your everyday frames during the sunny weather? Let us make a customized clip-on for your frame. We offer a range of clip-ons featuring trendy tints and mirrors, so when the weather changes, your frames don't have to.


Transition in style

Tired of switching between your glasses throughout the day? Photochromic, or transition, lenses change from clear to tinted when exposed to sunlight, so you don't have to shuffle between different lenses. The level of tint will adjust according to the light conditions. These lenses are also a great option for heavy computer and phone users because they  block blue light when clear.

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